Friday, April 24, 2020


April can be a cruel month.  This year is no exception.  In fact, it was worse than most.

As I write this, there is an occasional snow flake falling outside my window.  It's in the low 40's.  It should be 60.

Spring teased us with a few nice days.  Winter hangs on.

I usually have my bike out by this time of year, navigating the pothole filled streets of my town and the ones surrounding it.  The rides will be a little more difficult this year, thanks to all the sloppy work done in a poorly performed utility replacement project.

It is a bit of a moot point.  As regular readers will now, I ride in the early morning and only when it's warmer than 50 degrees.  We're not even close, and the long range forecast doesn't give reason for optimism.

As has been said many times, many ways recently, it can't last forever.