Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Enjoy the View

I was tooling around on the internet the other day, buying some household essentials.

A computer monitor, not essential, caught my eye.

It was eight inches wider than the one I currently use at home, it was a name brand, it had speakers included, and the price was fantastic.  I clicked  and it arrived about four days later.

I'm not a technical whiz.  My philosophy when it comes to my home set up is " if it isn't broken, don't fix it."  Leave well enough alone.  I don't want to start tinkering with things and mess up my operation.  It's all working great-- the computer, the monitor, the printer, the router, the wifi...  Don't play around!

However, the extra wide monitor was too good to pass up.

I attacked the project after work Saturday morning, and it really was a breeze.

We have tons of wide monitors at the office, and I took them for granted.  Having one at home makes a world of difference.

This is something I should have done a lot sooner.