Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tuesday Scrapple

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers changed their uniforms.  The "alarm clock" style numbers are gone, replaced by a more traditional style.  I didn't have a problem with the "alarm clock" style.  It was different.

The Atlanta Falcons are tweaking their uniforms.  It will take more than a tweak to remove the stench of the worst Super Bowl performance of all time.

In my book, Supertramp's "Breakfast in America" is one of the best albums of all time.

The great Tony Bruno is back with a daily afternoon radio show on Sirius/XM.  It's wonderful.  Bruno is along the most talented of the genre.

I bought the "NewsRadio" boxed DVD set a couple of months ago.  I remembered the fifth and final season as being awful.  As I watched the DVD's, "awful" is actually a compliment.  Those shows were hideous.

I'm not a big fan of hot weather, but those 60's last week felt great.

CBS Sports declined to renew Dan Fouts' contract.  Bad move.  I'll have more to say on broadcasting in the days to come.

Pet peeve:  Oversauced, overcooked pasta.

Howard Stern is getting rave reviews for his Tom Brady interview.  Yes, Stern has all the skills.  But, remember that he has the luxury of time and he's on censor-free satellite radio.

I don't care that Whoopi and Rosie didn't get along during their time on "The View."  There were some new tabloid stories last week.

"Modern Family"  wrapped up a hugely successful run last week.  11 years.  250 episodes.  I'm sorry, but I could never get that series to work for me.

Happiness is buying the last bag of baked Cheetos out of the office vending machine.