Friday, April 17, 2020

Media Friday

Plenty of sports today...

Dan Fouts had been on the number two CBS NFL team.  The network declined to renew the contract of the former Chargers quarterback,  It's unfortunate.  I always liked his work.  There are plenty of networks doing college and professional football these days, or at least reporting on it.  Fouts has talent.  He'll hook on somewhere.

CBS has grabbed Charles Davis from FOX to replace Fouts.  He's competent, but average in my book.

NBC signed New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.  It's expected this will be Brees' last year, and he'll join NBC for the 2021 season.  The jury is still out on this one.  I've seen Brees interviewed many times.  He doesn't seem to have that "jump through the screen" personality.  I fear this could be another Joe Montana hire.  NBC picked up Montana after he retired.  Big name.  Great marquee value.  Unfortunately, Montana had nothing to say.

At least, there is the Tony Romo model.  New hires know what's expected of them-- talk way too much, try to predict plays, be enthusiastic.

The XFL won't be back in 2021.  Bankruptcy declared Monday.  It's unfortunate.  ABC/ESPN and FOX did the games and had no problems experimenting with new things.  Some were gimmicky.  Some had merit and should be explored a little more.  It was nice having that television petri dish called the XFL.

I still believe springtime football can work in this country, but this is not the time to attempt it again.

ESPN is mulling over more changes to its Monday Night Football booth.  Nothing leaked to the media seems to be the magic wand ESPN is looking for.

NBC Sports Network has picked up the last two hours of the Rich Eisen radio show.  Smart move.  Interesting and very listenable on a daily basis.  FOX Sports radio discontinued carrying the show.  It's still on satellite radio and YouTube.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports was touting a major exclusive all day this week.  The story?  A member of the Rams has tested Positive for Covid-19.  It was horrible and tasteless behavior on Glazer's part.

The legendary Harry Reasoner was born 75 years ago today.