Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Some observations after riding my bike around small towns for a few weeks, and checking out the trash....

I'm sure all of this is a reflection of the current situation.  Our love affair with pizza has been kicked up a notch.  There is usually an empty box in the trash in front of every home in the valley.  It's totally understandable, and I'm happy to see people supporting local businesses.

You need something to wash down the pizza, and more often than not, it's beer.  Brewers have had major isuses getting rid of kegs because bars are closed.  On the other hand, sales of cans and bottles appear to be skyrocketing.

It also appears a lot of people used their stimulus checks to buy new televisions.  It's like the day after Christmas out there.  Once again, I understand.  People are spending more time at home.  You might as well entertain yourself with a quality screen.

With any luck, the situation is stabilizing.  The trash will soon be back to normal.