Monday, December 7, 2020

Scrapple City


"Aerial America" on the Smithsonian Channel is one fine series, and never fails to delight.

Billy Joel's "Sleeping with the Television On" is a vastly underrerated song.

There is nothing wrong with Brussel Sprouts.  Just don't cook them to death.

I ate very little on Thanksgiving this year.  I just wasn't feeling it.

I still use my Discover card.

It just didn't feel like Thanksgiving this year, and I fear Christmas and New Year's Eve are headed the same way.

I still get a major kick out of the WEJL tower lighting in downtown Scranton.

Even though The Globe hasn't been The Globe in nearly thirty years, who doesn't get a sense of nostalgia when they pass it at this time of year?

There is no burning desire to grab a McRib, but I can handle some Arby's.

I can't believe any video game system is worth camping on a sidewalk for three days.

It really seems like all the package delivery services are providing substandard performance this season.

The need to decorate early for Christmas this year is understood.  It's a moot point because I'm not a decorator, and I really can't get in to looking at it until the middle of the month.