Tuesday, February 14, 2023

"Career" in Quotation Marks


Today's entry is an addendum to some things I opened the door to yesterday.

I hate the word "career."  Most of the time here, I put it in quotation marks.

This all stems from meeting the great and legendary Frank LaBar.  He was one of the people who built the local radio and tv industry. In fact, as Roscoe the Clown, Frank was the first person seen on WBRE TV in the early 50's.  Frank did it all-- TV, radio, advertising.  He had the most magnificent voice.  Frank was the guy who said "This is the News Station" on WNEP in the 70's.

I digress.

Let me take you back to a night in the early 80's.  I was part time at WARM.  I was handed the responsibility of making copies of that year's Pocono Raceway commercials, for distribution to dozens of other radio stations.  I think I made $2 a copy, and I was happy to have the extra money.

I showed up at the building in Avoca one night to start the project.  Another legend, Tim Karlson was there.  Tim did 3 to 7 PM when I started.  He and Frank were in a production room, working on a different commercial.  Tim introduced us.  I was in awe.  It was Frank!  The voice!  With those booming pipes, Frank said the words I'll never forget.  He said "Kid, it's not a career.  It's a job."

I've never forgotten that, and Frank was right.  I take my job seriously, and every day, I realize how lucky I am.  However, I also realize that there are people who have it a lot tougher, and they are never put in the "career" category.  I don't know what differentiates a "job" from a "career."  I'll make it easy.  They are all jobs.  One isn't better than the other, and being a parent is the toughest job of them all.  No one ever refers to that as a "career."

I can be accused of many things.  Having my head in the clouds is not on the list.  I have a great job.  I count my blessings when I swipe my pass at the door every night and morning.  I'm also grateful Frank uttered those words forty years ago.