Tuesday, February 28, 2023

A Good Problem


I've been doing a yearly Top Ten photo countdown for 14 years.  I do keep a computer file of what I photograph.  Back in the day, I would pull up my list and pick the ten photos that meant something to me.

My workflow changed over the years.  If I snapped a photo I liked, I would immediately transfer it to a different computer file and add a few notes.  It really made the Top Ten selection process much more streamlined.

Here it is, two months of the year, and I already have EIGHT photos up for consideration in the "potential Top Ten" file.

This is a wonderful problem to have and there are a couple of easy solutions.  It's possible some of those photos won't make the final cut.  It's also possible I can do what I did a couple of years ago, and add some "honorable mentions" leading up to the final Top Ten.

The slow period around Thanksgiving is usually when I put together the Top Ten.  There is plenty of time to come up with a solution.  But then again, there is still several months of photography ahead.

A Top Twenty, perhaps?