Monday, February 20, 2023



Four TV networks, plus the Yankees, Mets, Phillies, Giants, and Cardinals wanted Tim McCarver to work for them.  The reason was simple.  He was good.

McCarver died last week.  He was 81.

He jumped around networks as the baseball contract did because he brought instant gravitas to the broadcast.  FOX grabbed McCarver much the same way it hired Summerall and Madden for the NFL.  It sent the message to the viewer that they were serous about doing the sport right.

Personally, I thought McCarver was a bit too wordy, but he also had that remarkable quality of mixing seriousness, story telling, whimsy, fun, and a genuine love of the game.  It's why he always had a job.

The ABC booth of Al Michaels, Jim Palmer, and McCarver might have been the best ever assembled.  I'm sorry the CBS booth with McCarver and Jack Buck didn't work.  Both were exceptional talents.  McCarver and Joe Buck were a great listen for many years.

Tim McCarver was a wonderful bridge between that 60's and 70's style of baseball we grew up with, and modern times.  The man knew the game.