Thursday, February 9, 2023

No Matter How You Slice It...


Interesting reading the other day...  I found a story that said Subway is considering installing deli slicers in its stores and doing away with buying pre sliced meat.

The major "pro" is unsliced meat is cheaper than buying the pre sliced varieties.  It's supposed to taste better.  Fresher.  Moist, rather than stale and dried out.

The "cons" including buying machines, training staff, and two dangers.  The first danger is these machines can cause major damage to hands and fingers.  The other is they can be a bear to clean, leading to customers getting sick from contamination.  Listeria.

It's safe to say Subway has lost its way in recent years.  Stores closing.  Sales down.  Prices up.  Concerns about quality.  The chain is trying to fix all those issues, and I do drop in from time to time.  I order the same thing on every visit:  turkey and Swiss, pile on every vegetable in the cooler, a quick shot of oil and vinegar.  Maybe a bag of chips, depending on my mood.  Always a diet cola.  I sit in a booth by myself, and leave happy.

Will freshly sliced Subway meat make a difference?  They don't put much meat on a sandwich in the first place, so I doubt the subs will taste different.  Plus, I overwhelm the sparse meat with all the veggies.

Guarantee me a safe sandwich, at a reasonable price and I'll keep coming back.