Tuesday, February 7, 2023

I Told You So!


A few years ago, CBS installed retired Dallas quarterback Tony Romo as its number one NFL color commentator.  At the time, I was in a state of disbelief.  CBS handed one of its plum assignments to someone with no experience.  I'm sure there were some auditions and "test" games in there, but when it comes to being in the booth when it counted, Romo was green.

Even the greats, like John Madden, spent a couple of years doing the lesser games, the non marquee match-ups, to gain experience.   Troy Aikman worked games in Europe and was on the FOX second team before moving up to the top.   As I have said many times, broadcasting isn't as easy as it looks.

Romo's performance was panned in several places recently after a lackadaisical effort during a playoff game.  

And then, came a story in the New York Post.  It said CBS executives met with Romo, before the season,  to address problems with his performance.

Romo got off to a good rookie start.  He was fresh off the field.  Romo knew the players and the coaches.  He remembered how they got things done, and there was an amazing streak of being able to predict plays.  Now, a few years have passed.  Teams changed.  Personnel changed.  It's time to call on all that broadcasting experience to help get the job done.  Oh.  Wait.  What broadcasting experience?

Tony Romo's recent knowledge of the game got him through the first couple of years, and CBS responded with a huge contract.  Now, it's time for research, homework, interviews, phone calls...  Romo simply seems unprepared.

Here we go again.  Tom Brady retired last week and is destined for the number one slot at FOX.  Good luck with that.  Brady announced yesterday he won't be in the booth until the fall of 2024.  I hope he spends the off year learning his craft.