Thursday, February 16, 2023



I was thrilled.  All my tax time paperwork arrived early, the earliest in years!  I packaged it up and delivered it at the office of my tax preparer, drooling at the thought of an early and quick refund.

Guess again.

My tax prep person called a couple of days later and delivered the bad news.  Hammer time.  I owe money to the federal government, the state government, and my borough.  

I am more than willing to pay my fair share.  I wasn't prepared for the triple whammy.

By the way, I subscribe to the Tony Kornheiser philosophy.  My tax perp person has one rule:  "Keep me out of jail."

I visited the tax prep office after work Monday.  I left with writers cramp from signing forms and cutting checks.

Rest assured, your government is funded for another 12 months.