Monday, February 6, 2023

Follow Up Monday



I watched two more new "Night Court" episodes, and there is no reason to change my initial review.  The Dan and Abby scenes are off the charts.  The rest of the cast is dreadful.  I'll try another episode or two before deciding on giving up.  I'm leaning that way right now.  "Night Court" has already been renewed for a new season.

NBC feels ten years is enough for the "The Blacklist."  I watched the first couple of years and this was one of the smartest series on television.  Who doesn't love James Spader?  Unfortunately, "The Blacklist" became too dark, too gory, too violent, and too difficult to follow.  I gave up long ago.

I've tried a few brands and still can't find a ketchup that doesn't go nuts on the sugar/corn syrup.  I want to taste the tomatoes and the spices.

We survived the weekend cold snap, and I found myself stuck in the Friday 2:00 am snow shower, which was more like a squall.  Luckily, I wasn't far from home and the roads were empty.  I stayed off Interstate 81 and inched home on local streets.  Kudos to PennDOT and Public Works in Scranton.  Quick response.

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow Thursday, which means six more weeks of winter, which we were going to get, anyway.  The forecast for the next couple of weeks indicates above normal temperatures.  I scoured the internet and could not find a forecast from the station's old groundhog, Willie Nathan Edward Paul.

I was going to do a paragraph on the sorry state of NFL announcing, but that deserves an entry of its own.  Tomorrow.