Friday, December 10, 2010

Bad Photography Friday

I know bad photography is for the weekends, but a combination of things led to today's photo.

First, there's nothing I really feel the need to say.  Holiday stress and depression are setting in.  Bad weather is on the way.  A little eye candy seems an appropriate and pleasant way to begin a pre holiday weekend.

I was traveling through Archbald late yesterday afternoon when St. Thomas Aquinas Church on Church Street caught my eye.  The sun was hitting it just right.  The sky was clear and blue.  I just had to grab my camera and fire off a few frames.  There was no need to tweak the colors.  This is exactly the way it was.  It's a beautiful building.
Enjoy your weekend.  I hope the precipitation that falls Sunday is mostly rain, rather than a nasty mix of snow and ice.  I also hope you're making progress toward accomplishing all your holiday tasks.

Stay safe, and with any luck, I'll see you tomorrow morning.