Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Customer is Always Right

Wendy's has new french fries.  They're cut thinner and sprinkled with sea salt.  I tried some last week and was underwhelmed.  The old fries were just as good, if not better.  What's up with the sea salt?  It's supposed to be healthier than regular table salt.  You're eating fast food, so you've already suuspended eating healthy, at least for a little while.  The type of salt makes no difference to me.

Remember last week, when I predicted I'd be on the phone with Sirius/XM's foreign call center again?  Unfortunately, I was right.  Something got screwed up, and I was back on the phone Thursday morning.  Let's hope the latest problem is resolved.  Sirius/XM might be saving money by outsourcing, but they're losing customer satisfaction.  Could you imagine the company's success if they did it right?

Why can't they make a store brand diet cola that tastes nearly as good as the name brands?  I've tried all the store brands, and they all taste like turpentine.

It's time for a cell phone update.  A couple months ago, I decided I could no longer tolerate a Blackberry, and I de-activated it after 14 months.  The device was too big, and the keys and screen were too small for my tastes.  I never used most of its features.  I re-activated my old phone, a Motorola RAZR V9M.  I love it.  It's the perfect size.  Big keys.  Easy to read screen.  It's a substantial, heavy phone, made with metal over plastic.  Unfortunately, it's showing its age.  The display fuzzes out from time to time.  I stopped by a company owned store recently.  There were only a few non-smart phones from which to choose, and they all seemed flimsy to me.  On top of that, the children behind the counter realized they weren't going to be able to hook me up with an expensive data plan, so they weren't very helpful.  I tried a so called "premium retailer" last week.  It was the same story.  Few choices.  A less than helpful staff.  I'm still looking for a phone I can live with.  There were possibilities in both stores, but the staffs were indifferent.  They didn't seem to care about making a sale, so I went elsewhere.  I'm still looking to buy a phone I like from people who appreciate my business.  I don't think I'm asking for much.