Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Scrapple

Michael Vick wants a dog.  Are you kidding me?  To steal a line from radio talk show host Steve Czaban, the only pet Michael Vick should have is a Chia Pet.

A&P filed for bankruptcy protection a few days ago.  What a sad story-- from the dominant eastern U.S. supermarket chain to nearly going out of business.

I did some mid afternoon Christmas shopping yesterday.  Nothing major-- just a few odds and ends.  The stores were packed.  I still don't believe the economy has turned around, but people are still willing to spend, somewhat, on Christmas gifts.

My heart goes out to the 300 people at Cinram in Olyphant, who are losing their jobs a week before Christmas.

George "Goober" Lindsey is 75 today.

I refuse to get weepy over Larry King departing CNN.  He accomplished a lot, but stayed at the party far too long.

I don't mind a little bit of cold weather, but this week was too much, too fast.

Kudos to FOX Sports for spectacular video of the collapse of the Metrodome roof.

Why are there so many problems managing our cities effectively?  Scranton is having its yearly budget problems. Either the mayor was too pessimistic or council is too optimistic.  Wilkes-Barre's mayor is looking for give-backs from some city workers.  Good luck with that.

Harrisburg in the state's newest financially distressed city. We've seen how well it worked for Scranton.  Good luck with that.  Maybe a dreadfully unfunny NBC sitcom comes along with the package.

Time's Person of the Year is the guy who "invented" Facebook.  Really?  Is that the best you can do?  Julian Assange, hands down.  No wonder the big news magazines have lost circulation and have become irrelevant.

I actually ate some brussel sprouts the other day, and they weren't bad.

An unexpected Christmas card is always a special treat.

Two groups of public service announcements always rip my heart out-- anything with animals, and Toys for Tots.  Concerning the latter, any time I see those spots, I realize how lucky I was.

See you tomorrow morning.