Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Injection

It's a yearly struggle.  That "Christmas feeling" always eludes me.

For years, in an attempt to feel "Christmassy," I sent out a ton of Christmas cards.  The Christmas card therapy, admittedly selfish, eventually stopped working, and except for a few, I gave up.  Sorry.

My alma mater, Marywood University, was also part of the equation.  Every year, I'd do the same thing-- get to the campus before the annual tree lighting, sit in the lounge for a while, walk around, visit the library, stop by the radio and tv stations, drop by the office of an old friend, then make my over to the rotunda for the tree lighting.  If it's not the best Christmas tree in the area, in the best setting, it's on the short list.  My yearly visits brought back a lot of memories, mostly good, and I really looked forward to it.

Scratch Marywood off my list.  The tree lighting used to be held in the late afternoon of one of my days off.  Not this year.  The tree will be lit this afternoon at 4, well past my bed time on a work night.  I severely doubt I can make it.

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by.  Music, punch, cookies, and a spectacular tree.  You can't go wrong.

I'll likely get up there to take a few pictures this week or next, but it won't be the same.