Wednesday, June 7, 2017

House Cleaning

It was long overdue.

I finally took the time the other day to get rid some e-mail accounts I rarely used.

For the ones I kept, there was a cleaning out of my "SAVED" folder.

I wasn't in danger of running out of storage space.  It was just time for a house cleaning.

I couldn't believe the stuff that was in there...  old and worthless photos, e-mails from people long departed from the friend zone, an e-mail or two from people who have passed away, benefits notices from companies that I used to work for, credit card statements from accounts long cancelled.  Plus, tons and tons of receipts from on-line purchases.

Wow!  Did I buy a lot on-line.  Do I even go into brick and mortar stores any more?

The "delete" key got quite the work out.  Yes, I did keep quite a few things, items of sentimental value.  I will admit to being an old softie.

And, I did make a vow for regular e-mail reviews.  The folders will never get that cluttered again.