Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Ken Osmond

I'm going to use the recent death of Ken Osmond as a jumping off point to other things.

Osmond played Eddie Haskell on "Leave it to Beaver."  He wasn't my favorite character.  That honor goes to Beaver's pal, Larry Mondello.

Anyway, everyone takes something different from "Beaver."  I'm always struck by the school scenes.  They were such rigid, joyless places.  Yes, those are the schools of my youth.  I'm sure it's different now, and you're supposed to learn at school-- not have a laugh riot.  Although, I'm convinced schools can be educational and entertaining and engaging at the same time.  Unfortunately, I didn't see any of those.

CBS called Osmond's character the closest thing to a villain "Leave it to Beaver" had.

I'll disagree.  I cringe when I see Beaver's schools.

In a similar vein, "A Christmas Story" is one of the most over rated movies in American history.  Yes, it's cute.  Once.

The scene that hits home is watching kids play in the snow in those heavy wool coats and pants.  You couldn't move.  They were uncomfortable.  They weren't very warm.  They took forever to put on and take off.  These were the days before fleece, fiber and Thunsulate.  Puffy coats were decades away.  I'm convinced those wool snow suits are the reason an entire generation hates winter.