Friday, October 2, 2020

About the Cover


I had planned on fall foliage or something similar for this month's header photo, but I felt the need to shift gears and do something with a message.

Olyphant Hose Company # 2 recently moved out of this building behind borough hall, and into a remodeled facility along the Olyphant Bypass.  Congratulations!  The new building helps in fund raising, and that translates into continued good service to the people of Olyphant and surrounding communities.

Here comes the issue.  What happens to the old building?

From what I understand, it has a date with the bulldozer, and it's destined to become parking spaces.

One one level, I get that.  The building is old.  It's small.  It needs a lot of work.  There isn't a lot you can do with it.

On the other, there is a lot of history here and it would be a tragedy if it's lost.  I realize possibilities are limited, I'm sure something can done with it, even though it will likely take a lot of money.

I just have an awful feeling you'll see dust and debris pictures here in the weeks to come.