Saturday, November 21, 2020

Andy's Angles: Skyliner

Scranton doesn't have much of a skyline, especially a night.  There are some beautiful buildings in the daylignt-- the Lackawanna County Courthouse, the train station, Bank Towers, The Scranton Times building, Community Bank at Lackawanna and North Washington, the Scranton Life building, the Mercantile Building...

At night, they disappear.  However, there is a nice selection lights in the valley as you look down from above.

As a point of reference, look for the three red vertical lights at the center of the photo.  That's the WEJL tower at Penn and Spruce.

This photo will not go down as one of my better ones.  It was taken in late July, so I have some summer time haze hanging over the valley, and the Business Route 6 utility lines don't help.