Monday, November 30, 2020


I grew up, and started working at a time when the government mandated that broadcasting companies couldn't own more than seven AM, seven FM, and seven TV stations at a time.  There are now companies that own more than one thousand radio stations and hundreds of television stations.

When I was growing up, you could advertise cigarettes on TV, but you couldn't advertise hard liquor.  It's now reversed.

Later, many broadcasters wouldnt accept condom ads, but they would allow shady operations, like psychic hotlines, to advertise.

You were forbidden to talk about gambling on the air.  Now, there are entire radio networks dedicated to placing bets.

Posessing marijuana was a crime.  Now, it's a state's way out of the financial hole.

Fireworks were banned.  Now, most neighborhood resemble war zones on Independence Day, the days before and the days after.  Follow the money.

What's next?  The imagination runs wild.

Times certainly have changed.