Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election Day


It's finally here!  Election Day 2020 has arrived.

My plans?   Nothing really out of the unusual.  After work, I'll visit my polling place, go home, have lunch, take a long nap and get up in time to watch my colleagues report the results.

My body clock has been thrown off a bit.  It's because of the time change and pulling an extra overnighter yesterday.  I hope I can stay up.  It's something a few extra Diet Pepsi's can cure.

There should be updates here and other social media platforms throughout the morning.  I hope for a little analysis and a few thoughts tomorrow morning.   One thing learned in recent years-- the unconventional is now the convential.

I hope there are results to report.  Mail in voting and counting, in huge numbers, presents a big set of challenges.

Stay safe.  Vote!

And, happy birthday to ABC's "Good Morning America."  It aired for the first time 45 years ago today.

>>>12:45 PM UPDATE:    I voted after work and was number 180 in my precinct.  High.  I expected higher.  Of course, that doesn't factor in mail-in ballots.  There was no line.  I breezed in and out.

Good luck to poll workers, the people back at the all the county offices around the area,  and my colleagues.  We are in for an interesting night.

Be well and stay safe!