Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Mine Was Green


I don't know if my folks bought mine at Samters, but I had one of these.

The ad is about fifty years old, and $34 was a bit much to spend on a winter coat.  Heck, with sales going on these days, a decent coat from Land's End isn't much more here in 2020.

I remember it vividly-- sort of a military-esque shade of green, with an orange lining.  It was warm, but bukly and uncomfortable-- and every kid had one.  It was at a transitional time in winter outwear.  Wool was on the way out.  Nylon and other synthetics were on the way in.

I do not recall wearing it long or often, perhaps it was because I was a kid and I outgrew it.

Having a survival jacket was as close as I ever got to the Air Force.