Thursday, February 4, 2021



It's one of my favorite pastimes-- scanning the newspaper and internet circulars for sales, especially in supermarkets and drug store.

The "buy one, get one" promotions have always been around, but they seem to have picked up a lot of steam lately.  The problem is, most of the stores don't tell you the price of the one you'll be paying for.  That's always a tip off that the BOGO sale really is no bargain.

It's sad, because some of those sales really are tempting.  After looking closely, the temptation wanes.

Shifting gears...

I was making a mental list, and there is a huge number of stores and shopping centers I haven't visited in a year.  As I've said here before, shopping for necessities?  Yes.  Recreational shopping?  No.  I've simply learned to do without those activities.  After being without them for so long, I wonder if I will ever go back.