Wednesday, March 1, 2023



It's here!  Today is March 1, and that is the start of meteorological spring.  The real "spring" begins on the 20th.

 March is coming in with cold and snowy weather.  Ice, too.  Some of our biggest storms have taken place during March.  It can be a cruel month.

Be that as it may,  you can feel the strong becoming a little stronger, the days a little longer.  What snow and ice we receive melts after a few days.  Clocks go forward in a couple of weeks.

My only issue with spring is it doesn't last long enough.  The same goes for fall, but in the opposite direction.  We go from puffy coats to tee shirts rather quickly.  Summer brings excessive heat and humidity.

Reverse it in the all too short fall.  Moderate September and October weather transitions in to a freeze  in what feels like a two week period.

As I said, it's been a tough week so far, with more winter to weather to come.  This could have turned out a whole lot worse.