Saturday, June 24, 2017

Andy's Angles: Sheridan

I've featured the General Philip Sheridan monument here before, but never the night time view.

The white stone really stands out in the dark night.  The monument, which is one of my favorites, always reminded me of a giant chess piece.  It makes a nice statement at the corner of Adams and Spruce.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Business Friday

Food and media today...

Subway thinks the way to reverse a slide is to install self service touch screen ordering stations and video menu boards.  Touch screens work elsewhere, but Subway is one of those places where you can guide the "sandwich artist" through the customization and creation process.  I'm not sure how touch screens will work with that.  As I see it, here's the reason for the decrease in sales:  Subway used to be a place to get a fast and reasonably priced lunch.  Service speed is still okay, but Subway isn't the value it used to be.

McDonalds is experimenting with fresh, rather than frozen beef.  Great idea.  On the other hand, it slows down the process because the burgers have to be cooked to order, rather than in advance.  McDonald's service is already slow.  This can't be good.

Sirius XM announced a deal where it streams through Amazon's Echo.  Very smart.  I used to have a home Sirius XM radio and loved it.  Unfortunately, it became lass of a value after some talk channels were dropped and the price went up.  I'm not in a one month free trial.  I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm watching an experiment in Buffalo, NY.  WECK 1230/102.9 has switched to a "full service" format.  It's like those AM radio stations of the past-- disc jockeys, plenty of news and weather, community involvement, etc.  Music is for adults.  I've been listening a lot lately, and it brings back some pleasant memories.  Whether it's financially feasible and commercially viable is a different story.  My fingers are crossed.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

There Goes the Sun

The summer solstice has come and gone.  The days are getting shorter, and I'm not complaining.

I've always found it strange when you get up to work an overnight shift and it's still daylight.  It's easier to sleep in the dark, and shrinking daylight doesn't bother me.

I will admit to loving early sunrises.  Those November, December and January short days can be depressing.

June and July are the tough months for those of us who work on the other side of the clock.

As I have said here many times before, don't cry for me.  This is the life I have chosen, and if a little too much daylight is my biggest problem, I'm darned lucky.

I do realize I'm in the minority here, so enjoy the bright.  Enjoy the light.  Enjoy the heat.  Summer can fade rather quickly.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I Wasn't Kidding

Let's take you back to Sunday morning.  I was doing my standard Sunday morning broadcast, but Joe Snedeker was filling in for Noreen Clark.  As I introduced Joe at the top of one of our four hours, I made a sweeping hand gestures.  Joe took note of it, and I explained that was my Allen Ludden impression, and I occasionally do it as an homage to the great Password and Password Plus host.

I should have made a screen grab of my thing, but here is Ludden in action from 1980, making the hand and arm gesture I occasionally copy.
So, why do I offer the occasional homage to Allen Ludden?

He brought life to a rather tame and dry game show, but the biggest reason is, and I've prattled on about this before, but it's been a while, the guy looked like he was having the time of his life every time he stepped on stage.  It appeared there was no place he'd rather be.  I always admired that.

Allen Ludden loved his work, and so do I.

By the way, there is another impression in my anchoring repertoire.  If you see my left arm way out, that's Steve Bosh, who anchored on WPIX in the late 70's and 80's.  He was always a favorite.

Thanks for watching.  See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday Scrapple

Scott Pelley's last broadcast as CBS Evening News anchor was last Friday.  It was a classy sign off.

Katy Perry has become the first Twitter user with 100 million followers.  Not surprised.  major entertainer.  World wide audience.

I spent some time at my alma mater, Marywood University, last week.  Believe it or not, I was in a building I had not visited before-- and it's an old building.

Will Amazon and Walmart eventually own everything?

There are multiple reports Bill O'Reilly is planning a comeback.  It looks to be a subscription web site.  I'm not surprised, again.  The trend in the business is for entertainers and journalists to own their content, like podcasts and web sites.

The British never gave me the warm fuzzies, but it's been one heartbreak after another for the people on the other side of the pond.

A few different teams find themselves in first place in Major league Baseball, and it's nice to see things turned around.

14 teams in the International League and the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Railriders are 10th in attendance.  In all fairness, things don't pick up here until schools are out.  Thanks to the blizzard, schools were in session late this year.  Also, the spring weather has been lousy.

There aren't many things better than a well made submarine sandwich on a great roll.

Stephen Furst's passing over the weekend inspired me to look at some "Animal House" clips on YouTube.  A hilarious movie, from beginning to end.  Hearing things like "zero point zero" and "double secret probation" can still make me laugh.   Furst was also in 97 "St. Elsewhere" episodes, one of the best series of all time.

How does a four year old get his hands on a gun?  A loaded gun?

Not saddened by the demise of Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus, but I'm tickled that three of its old rail cars will stay here in our area.

My hand reaches for the radio any time an ELO song comes on, but only to crank up the volume.

Monday, June 19, 2017


I was at the supermarket last week.  It was a chain that actually seems to value your time because they manage to have more than one cash register open at a time.

In my hand held basket, four items.  Four.  Quatro.  Quatre.  I headed for a line that clearly said "15 items or less."  As I turned the corner, I clearly saw more than 15 items on the belt before more.  Much more than 15.  The cashier looked embarrassed.  The offending customer saw my eyes pop out of my head and started apologizing profusely, saying a store employee told her to get in that line, which I do not doubt.

Most of her purchase was already scanned.  The cashier was quick and efficient.  The undue extra wait wouldn't be that long.  After the offender's transaction was completed, she apologized again.  I replied that if waiting in line an extra minute was the worst thing that was going to happen to me, it was a good day.

I paid for my four items and left.

Fast forward a couple of hours.  This popped up in a massage on my WNEP Facebook page"

Hi! I'm the woman you were behind at ----------  today (green sundress, more than 15 items!!!😁). Just wanted to tell you, because I didn't want to draw too much attention, you are much more handsome in person than on tv! I mean, who doesn't love a compliment?! Hope you enjoy the beautiful day!!

It was worth the wait, and yes, it was the worst thing that happened to me on that particular day.

I'm a lucky guy.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Andy's Angles: Downstream

Outside of a few industrial areas, the Susquehanna River looks good just about everyplace if flows.

One of the best examples is right here, in Sunbury.  This is the Monday morning view, looking downstream from the gazebo near Market Street.

As I noted here yesterday, it had been a long time since I had a chance to visit Sunbury.  My stay was a short one, but I did enjoy it. 

I took the walk from the river over to the police station.  Yes, empty storefronts-- but some occupied ones, too.  It looks like the city realizes the Susquehanna is its greatest asset-- and downtown can benefit from the tourist traffic.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Andy's Angles: Sunbury

Trips out of the metropolitan area are rare these days.  My news assignments usually keep me close to home.  Monday was a rare treat-- a ride to Sunbury.

There wasn't much time for photography, but I did manage to get to the gazebo overlooking the Susquehanna River.

Today, the upstream view.  After a rather mediocre spring, featuring more than enough cloudy, cool, rainy days, it was great to get out into the sunshine, and get a great view of the Susquehanna.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Hey, 19!

Tomorrow is my 19th anniversary at WNEP.

I know I say it every year, but the time has flown by and I've been lucky beyond belief.

The job is still fun.  I work with some great people.  The learning never ends, and I've really enjoyed watching some young people come through the doors and evolve into fine young broadcasters.

Thanks for watching and reading.  Let's keep it going.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Do We Really Need This?

A contractor has been fixing Blakely Street and the O'Neill Highway in Dunmore for the last couple of years.  The project, thankfully, is nearing an end.

New sidewalks, new pavement, new signals, and as you can see above-- new signs.

Signs noting cross streets is a great idea...  but, do we really need this one?  If you can't see there's a shopping center on the right and a cemetery on the left, you are in major trouble.  By the way, this is the view looking north.  There is an identical sign over the southbound lanes.

Your tax dollars, hard at work.