Tuesday, April 2, 2024

The Master


Peter Marshall, the first host of "The Hollywood Squares" turned 98 over the weekend, and he appears to be doing great.

There are several "Hollywood Squares" episodes on You Tube.  Watch carefully,  and observe how Marshall runs the show.

After Kenny Williams introduces the nine celebrities and then the host, Marshall simply says hello to the audience, the stars, and has a quick chat with the contestants.  Then, it's on to the game.  In an interview, Marshall said he knew his job was to ask the questions, get out of the way, and let the celebrities do their thing.  It was all about the game, not him.

I also saw an interview with series regular, Rose Marie.  She commented on how Marshall knew when to work a line, and more importantly, when to back off.

Watch our weekend morning broadcasts.  After three quick headlines, I say hello and toss it to Ally for a quick shot of weather.  It's then right in to the news.  I never believed in wasting your time, and it's all about the news, not me!  Beware those types who think they are bigger than the news, and they are everywhere.

Happy birthday, Peter Marshall, and thank you for the inspiration.