Saturday, February 27, 2016

Andy's Angles + First Person

It's a bonus today-- two franchises in one.

Above is a photo of Main Street in Dupont, site of four water main breaks this week.  The leaks started Tuesday morning.

I don't think there's an area that covers water main breaks as extensively as this one.  First, it affects your life.  There's nothing worse than getting ready for your morning shower and finding dirty water, or no water at all.

Second, it's the legacy of the giardiasis crisis of the 80's.  If you are too young to remember, the water company at the time, Pennsylvania Gas and Water, specialized in sending water in to your home that would provide you with a lovely intestinal illness.

PG&W is long gone.  Its effects will remain for a very long time.  I'm convinced people with the company should have go to jail for negligence.  They knew unfiltered water supplies were a danger.  They thought chlorine could handle it.  The state stepped in and forced the company to build filtration plants, and they kindly gave you the task of paying for them.  Thanks.

Anyway, I was the closest person when the first main popped in Dupont.  A crew was on its way, but I was at the office, only a few miles away.  I was asked to get some still photos for  There was a spare video camera handy, so I grabbed that.  A lot of what you saw at noon was stuff I shot.  I'm normally not a video guy, so it was a kick to see my stuff on the air.  I've shot video before.  It's nice to branch out.