Sunday, April 11, 2021

Andy's Angles: Overexposed


My fast shutter speed shots came out much better than the slow ones.

This is another photo from Blakely Park, looking downstream along the Lackawanna River.  The trees and the rocks are sharp.  The water is fuzzed out a bit because my shutter was open for 1/3rd of a second.

I wanted it open longer, but it was a bright, sunny morning.  All my experiments with a shutter speed longer than 1/3 came out overexposed, and I had the aperture choked down as far as it would go.  The ISO was also at its low point.

I tried a fix during editing and they all looked really fake and phony.

So, what are the solutions?  I can shoot on grey, cloudy days.  I can shoot closer to dawn and dusk.  I can buy some filters.  Everything is on the table.