Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Ducks in a Row


I usually don't let errands pile up, but it was the perfect storm on Friday.

I had to hit the bank, post office and drug store and get it all done before going home to get enough sleep to work the overnight shift.

It's amazing when a plan comes together.  The bank was the first stop, and it was a branch I rarely visit.  The transactions were complicated, but the teller handled them smoothly and efficiently.  The bank was quiet on a Friday morning and that was a surprise.

Next stop, the post office.  Again, it was much quieter than expected.  In and out in a flash.  While the system might be flawed, the United States Postal Service does have some solid employees.

The third and final destination was the drug store.  Like the first two stops, the drug store was unusually quiet.  No lines.  Boom!  In and out.

I even had the opportunity for a little computer photo editing time before I had to bed down for the afternoon.

In this era of reduced expectations, it was nice to have everything work the way it should.