Thursday, December 9, 2021


 Yes, I know!  #Happy.  It's a first for this blog. Something actually made me happy.

Regular blog readers will know I've been following the saga of the Central Railroad of New Jersey train station for years.  The old Wilkes-Bare train station, turned bar/nightclub, turned abandoned eyesore had been falling apart for years.  Someone finally stepped up to buy and renovate the place.  Luzerne County moves its visitors' bureau here after the new year.

I worried about this one.  I feared it would meet the fate of so many other local historic buildings-- allowed to rot until the only option is demolition.  Remember the Hotel Sterling?  Also, the homeless and scavengers had broken in many times.  A fire seemed inevitable.

My concerns are over.  The building, constructed in 1868, looks fantastic.  I'm in love with the authentic looking brackets beneath the roofs.  Maybe, one day, passenger trains will return to the city.  It is so nice to see the building look the way it was intended-- without the garish and inappropriate additions.  Less is more, dear readers.

One thing is still bothering me-- that eyesore across the boulevard.  Let's hope it's next on the redevelopment list.