Tuesday, January 24, 2023



It was sad to see the Scranton Ice Festival is off this year.  Our newspaper friends reported many reasons for the cancellation.  The organizers hope to return next year.

We need more things to do in the winter.  It makes the season go by faster.  Except for First Fridays, downtown Scranton is dead on a winter night.  The same goes for Wilkes-Barre.  You have the bars and restaurants, and that's cool, pardon the pun.  The Public Square skating rink is a major plus.  It would simply be nice to have more winter events.  Pottsville's Winter Carnival disappeared long ago.

It really is a moot point for me.  I work weekends, so I don't participate in any reindeer games.

I am happy to say the annual Clarks Summit Festival of Ice is still on this weekend.  Take the camera.  Take the family and enjoy.