Monday, December 11, 2023

Business Monday


I recently had an issue with a newspaper subscription, and this is a newspaper that has been in the headlines quite a bit this year.  After repeated attempts to resolve my issue through the web site, I finally reached a human being on the telephone.  It was clear I was speaking to an individual in another country.  It's more local jobs down the drain, and not a peep from elected officials and business types.  By the way, after more than three weeks, the subscription issue has yet to be resolved.

A newsletter that covers the retail industry predicts the days of self service check outs are coming to an end.  The reason is too much theft.  I have mixed feelings.  If the machines are working properly, and you only have a few things, you can really zip through.  In and out.  However, one supermarket chain has the glitchiest machines and it's really annoying.  One chain has a lovely habit of a human checking your receipt as you head for the door, assuming you stole something.  I'm really tired of that.  If you care so much, open the cash registers again.  In spite of the theft, I feel self service checkouts are here to stay.

In a late development, Dollar General announced late last week that its self service machines are coming out.  Dollar General's president said he needs employees at the front of the store, to keep unpaid merchandise from walking out the door.

Subway keeps trying to tweak itself into relevance.  I haven't noticed much of a difference.  The chain now freshly slices its meats, but the vegetables still look exceptionally tired, and I'm being overly kind.  Be that as it may, I order the same thing every visit:  turkey and swiss.  Imagine my dismay when I saw they discontinued carrying swiss cheese!  I was forced to substitute pepper jack.  It was okay, but pepper jack is not swiss!

Taylor Swift is Time magazine's "person of the year."  Yes, she is a force in the entertainment industry, but missiles are still flying in the middle east and Ukraine.  Dozens die every day.  Swift is a poor choice to me, but Time hasn't been relevant for years.  It's just a way to sell magazines and increase web site hits.