Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Dog Days


It's time for another one of those rants.

Therapy dogs are frequently showing up on college campuses to help students get over the stress of finals.

Let's establish something.  I love dogs, and if I had the time and my schedule allowed, I'd rescue another in a heartbeat.  Unconditional love.  Walks.  Fresh air.  Exercise.  I really miss not having a dog.  As I've said before, no matter how miserable things were going, it was wonderful to see a friendly face when you walked in the door.

I will also admit that college life can be extremely stressful.  Please refer to one of my entries from a couple of weeks ago for a story on that.

Be that as it may, the easiest way to a stress-free finals week is to go to class and pay attention, and then study, study hard,  before the final arrives.  Walk into that testing classroom with confidence.

I will note that, as I showed in that earlier blog entry, that while there are some things that will be over your head, at least studying hard gives you a fighting chance.