Thursday, December 21, 2023

Top Ten: The Sunflower and the Mums


I remember, as a young radio pup, in the early 80's, and speaking to the great and legendary David DeCosmo.  I was lamenting how my interview questions were really not all that lyrical.  They were short,  simple, and basic.

David told me not to worry.  Simple is best.  Be direct.

Today, it's a simple shot of a sunflower, taken August 2, at the Gardens of Cedar in Scranton.  

I was playing with depth of field, so the right side of the photo is deliberately blurry.  I could have cropped it a bit to eliminate a little of the head room, but I liked the blue sky.    In my view, pardon the pun, the sky is just as important as the flower.  This is right out of the camera, with no tweaking or color adjustments.

Today, enjoy the simplicity of a sunflower on a summer morning. 

And, same place, but a different time of year-- mid October.  

The sunflowers of summer gave way to the mums of fall.  

Much different  Still beautiful.

We'll stop for a smoke tomorrow.