Thursday, December 14, 2023

Top Ten Honorable Mention: JT

 When most people of my era hear "JT," James Taylor immediately comes to mind, and he is one of my favorites.  Today, it's another JT:  Jim Thorpe.

I wound up in this lovely borough on an early March morning.  Honestly, it wasn't much of a snow storm.  As you can see from the train station photo above, most of the snow melted when it hit sidewalks and pavement.  My morning live reports turned in to more of a travelogue than storm coverage.

And of course, there are the trains.  Jim Thorpe embraces its railroading heritage, and there is proof of that any time you visit town.  Most of my diesel viewing has been at Steamtown in Scranton, but it takes on a different perspective when you visit Jim Thorpe.  You can see the scope and scale in comparison to the cars and trucks, and the buildings in the borough.  The things really are monsters.

Tomorrow, friends!