Thursday, December 7, 2023

The Ornament Tree, and Norman Lear


One of the things we often lose sight of at this time of year is, it doesn't have to be grandiose to be be beautiful.

Today, it's a couple more shots from Nay Aug Park in Scranton as I burn off Christmas photos before the end of the year.


 Part of me sees the ornaments on the Christmas trees we had when I was a kid.  Another part recalls hot air balloons, drifting by on a calm evening.

Much like gazing at clouds on a summer day, you can use your imagination and see what you want to see. 

Moving on...

Writer and producer Norman Lear died yesterday.  He was 101.  There is a short list of people who can say they changed television.  If Lear isn't at the top, he's close.  There were more flops than hits, but when your hits include "All in the Family," everything else is secondary.  Norman Lear brought serious issues in to the sitcom world, and the medium is better because of it.  On the other hand, Lear's projects were noted by a lot of people yelling at each other, and, in my book, that gets old-- fast.