Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Top Ten Honorable Mention: Democracy '23

This photo was taken on election morning last month, at Scranton High School.  Because of handicapped accessibility issues, eight polling places were moved in to the school.  It did solve the accessibility problem, but the elderly had to walk a decent distance from the parking lot to the building, and I understand their frustration.

The photo was taken before the polls opened at 7 am.  Most Pennsylvania polling places won't allow a camera inside, even though the rest of the free world doesn't have any issues.  Yes, it is possible to photograph people casting their ballots without being intimidating, without violating privacy.

While this election appears to be clean as a whistle, bad things can happen when they are done out of public view, and yes, the news media is your representative.

You deserve better.

A look at a lost landmark is on the agenda for tomorrow.