Monday, March 25, 2024

Chickened Out


I was tooling about on the internet the other day, making a stop at You Tube.  Someone uploaded a ton of "The French Chef" episodes from the early 60's. and they are a primitive thing of beauty.

The video is black and white.  It's grainy, and it shows every bit of Julia Child's awkward charm.  You can see her straining to read the cue cards.  You can see her rush through recipe elements.  You can see she is never totally comfortable on television.  I guess that's what made Julia great.  She was real.

However, the focus of today's entry is sanitation.

There has been a chicken phobia in recent years-- fears of bacteria and cross contamination.  If a chicken so much as looks at something, out comes the hot, soapy water and bleach.

Julia Child is tossing around chickens and chicken parts like there is no tomorrow in the episode I watched.  She wasn't a clean freak because we just didn't care about that stuff back in the day.  I checked the archives.  Julia Child never killed anybody.

I know.  You can never be too careful, especially these days.

But, there are times I wonder if we are being too darned fussy.