Friday, September 4, 2020

About the Cover

I've gotten away from it for a while, but I always tried to do something "schooly" for the September header.  I'm old school, pardon the pun, and consider September as THE back to school month.  Back in my day, the soul crushing of experience of going back to school didn't happen until AFTER labor day.  Then there was a shift to late August to build in more snow days, and get kids started on their summer vacations sooner.

The header and the building this month have always vexed me.  It's Lackawanna College at North Washington Avenue and Vine Street in Scranton.  It used to be Scranton Central High School, home of the Golden Eagles.

Outstanding cupola, beautiful building, but I could never get the right angle on the cupola.  And, like Many Scranton buildings, the view is poisoned by wired and utility poles.

I had a plan this time.  I was going to use my new, super zoom 300 mm lens, go up Vine Street, and get a better angle.  Well, the best laid plans...  I forgot about that big hunk of roof obstructing the view as you move up Vine.  I really wanted the shot, so I gave up on the 300 mm and put on the 40 mm and walked closer to the building.  I love this lens.  Tack sharp, as the pros say, and very easy to use.
This is one of my favorite buildings.  I love to see old schools repurposed.  In many cases, they become apartments.  This one is rare-- from high school to college, and it still retains the original character.