Friday, September 25, 2020



The New York Post reports McDonald's will be rolling out a loyalty program.  Specifics have yet to be announced, but it appears a certain number of purchases gets you a price cut or something for free.

I'm not a McDonald's frequent flyer, so it's a moot point for me.

The Post says everything will be done through the McDonald's app, and that's what sends up my red flag.  The company believes ordering and paying through the app streamlines the process-- getting customers in out of stores, and in and out of drive-throughs, faster.

If this was a vlog, you would see my skeptical eyebrow raised.

I have a few apps on my phone and tablet, mainly for information.  I have yet to jump on the food bandwagon.

It seems like any time someone in line in front of me at the mini mart attempts to pay with an app, it slows the line, not speeds it up.

As always, the "wait and see" approach applies here.  Maybe McDonalds has the wherewithal to do it right.  Considering the number of times it screws up an order, I'm not sure.

Call me back when it's perfected.

Also, I tried the new spicy McNuggets the other day.  Not bad.  Could be spicier.