Monday, September 21, 2020

Monday Scrapple


Joe Buck is going in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and I'm okay with that.  Buck has his share of detractors and I really don't understand that.  His calls are a mix of fun and reverence.  Even though Buck is only 51, he's been doing this for a long time and he deserves the honor.

I'm not a fan of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.  Still, it makes me sad to see them struggle on the course.  Both missed the cut at the US Open, and in Mickelson's case, it wasn't even close.

What happened to fall?  It seems we're making the jump to winter rather quickly.

I know the current situation is far from over, but it would be nice to see more stores and gyms going back to 24 hour operation.

I'm blocking as many numbers as I can, but too many texts and calls from political organizations are still getting through.

ESPN is sharing tonight's Monday Night Football game with ABC.  I know the glory days are gone, but it's still nice to see MNF on broadcast television.

Kudos to Wilkes-Barre city government and veterans groups for finding a way to still do a Veterans Day parade in November.

Office Max outside the Wyoming Valley Mall is closing, and that makes me sad.  I remember when it was Office Warehouse, one of the first big box office supply stores in the area.  Every visit was like Christmas morning.

A mask is a tiny piece of cloth and some elastic.  Can someone explain why they are so expensive?

With so many other diversions, why is the Tik Tok thing such a big deal?  Seriously.  Who cares?

Any time I think I've watched all the relevant photography videos on You Tube, I stumble across a new batch.

My condolences to the family and friends of Barry Finn.  The former WNEP and WYOU meteorologist died over the weekend.  We worked together down the street.  Good broadcaster and a good man.