Friday, March 3, 2023



You have to wonder how much more the city of Buffalo can endure.  It's been month after month of heartache and tragedy.

There was a mass shooting in a supermarket, followed by a blizzard that killed dozens.  One of its star football players died on a field in Cincinnati and was brought back to life after several agonizing moments  Now, a firefighter, only 37 years old, died in a Wednesday fire.

I've been to Buffalo.  Before my trip, a former coworker from my radio days called it "a big Scranton."  He was right.  It wasn't meant to be a slam.  Both are cities with a rich history, struggling to adapt to modern times.  There are successes.  There are failures.  Buffalo is a hard working city that loves its traditions, its heritage, its regional dishes, and its sports.  Scranton-esque.  Very.

WNEP has a sister station in Buffalo, the legendary WGRZ.  I can noodle around in the computer system and view their files, their video, the stories they've done after all the sad events listed above.  There is a common thread.  I saw how food drives and distributions helped the neighborhood that temporarily lost its supermarket after the murders.  I saw how neighbor helped neighbor to dig out from under feet of snow.  Families with emergency generators took in stranded drivers and neighbors to make sure they were warm, fed, and safe.  People learned CPR and other first aid measures after Damar Hamlin was hurt.  Now, citizens and first responders come together to share their grief over the loss of a young firefighter.

Buffalo, and its people are strong.  It's sad their resolve is getting a monthly challenge.