Friday, March 31, 2023



I have to admit, I never thought it would happen.

Human remains were discovered Wednesday in Old Forge, on the right of the map you see above.  Authorities believe it's Robert Baron, who disappeared under mysterious and apparently violent circumstances in January of 2017.

I heard the rumors-- the body was in the water, or in a mine, or in another state.  It turns out, the body was only a couple of miles away from Baron's bar/restaurant.  The find was a surprise to me.  It seems apparent that someone close to the case flipped or cracked, leading police to search that area.

The crime in and of itself troubles me.  What I find almost as disturbing is the overuse of the word "closure."  The mere discovery doesn't provide closure, but I'm sure it helps.  Learning why the killing happened is more important.  Bringing the responsible to justice is a step beyond that.

But, the bottom line on a case like this is there is never closure when someone meets a violent end.  The family and the community carry this forever.