Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Business Tuesday


A couple supermarkets and big box stores near me eliminated 24 hour operation when the pandemic hit, and I get that.  Corporate management said they wanted to devote those overnight hours to cleaning and sanitation.  I raised a skeptical eyebrow over that one, but be that as it may.

I was left with a few mini marts and one 24 hour drug store.  The drug store is part of a huge national chain, and I thank heaven that drug store exists.  I'm in there all the time.

The point of today's entry really is looking a gift horse in the mouth.  As a frequent flyer, I'm part of the store's loyalty program.  Electronic coupons come my way all the time, and $4 off any purchase coupons are not uncommon.

My question is, how high are prices jacked that you can afford to toss around some pretty hefty coupons?

On the other hand, the couponing encourages customer loyalty, and you can't put a price tag on that.

Big drug store chain, KEEP THEM COMING!