Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Vote 2023


We'll do a wee bit of politicking today...

Lori Lightfoot lost her bid to be reelected mayor of Chicago, the first one term mayor in decades.  Chicago has a crime problem, and voters made her pay.  New York City Mayor Eric Adams called Lightfoot's loss a "warning sign."  He's right.  Crime and the economy have been, and will continue to be the major issues in elections-- locally and on the national level.

ABC News reported most big name Republicans blew off the Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend.  It used to be a "must."  Times have changed, and some candidates the path to the nomination does not go through the CPAC. 

Former Maryland governor Larry Hogan said he will not run for the Republican presidential nomination.  That is a bit of a surprise.  Hogan said he did not want to be part of a crowded field, feeling that a vote split among several candidates makes it easier for former president Trump to get the Republican nomination next year.  Hogan is a moderate, and moderates, in both major parties, have had a hard time getting votes recently.

There are other issues still lurking out there.  Abortion.  Guns.  America's transportation problems, just to name a few.

I'm sure things will heat up once President Biden announces his intentions.

It seems like the last presidential election was only yesterday.