Monday, March 6, 2023

Monday Scrapple


March can feel longer than January.  You are looking for signs of spring that are, so far, elusive.

What are Shepard Smith and Brian Williams doing now?

I'll do a baseball entry in a couple of weeks, but it is nice to catch a few innings of a spring training game on television.

The 8th episode of the new "Night Court" was the best in a few weeks.  However, I'm still on the verge of giving up on this series.

Hal Linden and Max Gail are coming to a nostalgia convention in the Baltimore area in September.  I am extremely tempted.

It's amazing what a good laugh can do for you.

And a good sub sandwich.

There are persistent rumors Tom Brady is coming out of retirement-- again.  Enough!  Please!

I hate giving Amazon so much of my money, but they make it so darned easy.  Plus, traditional brick and mortar stores just don't have what I need.

The sight of a happy cat never fails to calm my nerves.

The ability of McDonald's and Dunkin' to draw huge lines every morning still amazes me.

I regularly check the movie listings.  Nothing entices me to visit a theater.