Thursday, March 9, 2023

Your Money


Our friends at the Times~Tribune published an interesting story the other day.  Scranton wants to hire a marketing and communications consultant to attract businesses and talent to the city.

Cart before the horse?

Can we fix the potholes, clean up the city, reduce crime, make it affordable to park, get rid of the politically corrupt stigma, forget about all "The Office" nonsense, get our finances in order, hire qualified people, elect qualified people, and stop the brain drain first?

Scranton has a lot going for it.  It really does, and I don't want to be overly negative.

Good things:  Marywood, the University of Scranton, LCCC, Nay Aug Park and surroundings, Steamtown, some very nice stores and restaurants...  I'm too old for it, but I'm told the local music scene is very good.  The Cultural Center attracts a variety of shows.  The Italian Festival and First Fridays are great fun.  We used to have an Ice Festival, and the Jazz Festival always draws a lot of people.  We have the Heritage Trail, McDade Park and the coal mine tour.  Summers are filled with firemen's carnivals and church picnics.

There is a lot that needs work.  Visitors have a tough time finding the Steamtown National Historic Site.  First impression of Nay Aug Park is it's a giant parking lot.  Downtown is dead most weekends.

I think if all the problems are repaired, you won't need a marketing consultant.  People will visit, love the city and stay.

And above all, businesses choose locations based on cheap labor, cheap land, cheap taxes, and cheap utilities.  You don't need a marketing consultant for that.