Sunday, November 17, 2019

Andy's Angles: Welcome to Winter

Don't I look absolutely thrilled to be standing in a cold rain, doing my first winter road report of the season?

My friend and co-worker, Sarah Buynovsky, took the northern tier.  That area was getting the change over from rain to ice, to snow first.  I took the south, where the rain was holding on longer than in the rest of our area, in spite of the 2,000 foot elevation.   It was important to show the contrast.  Sarah had the snow in Montrose.  I had rain, then ice, then snow, in Mount Pocono.

No matter hard you try, it's impossible to stay dry, especially on a windy morning, when the rain was coming at you sideways.  Photographer Jason and I were very fortunate.  A drop of water in the wrong place can put you temporarily out of business.  The gear stayed dry.  We stayed on the air.

And, it's just the beginning.